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KGU Professor Hiroyoshi Miwa Gives a Presentation at Think 2021, A Global IBM Event

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On May 12, 2021, Professor Hiroyoshi Miwa, Project Supervisor of the AI Solution Architect Training Program at Kwansei Gakuin University, gave a talk entitled "Transforming the Learning Experience: The Next-Generation AI Solution Architect Training Program" for Think 2021, a global IBM event which was conducted online. During his session, he touched on the fact that society will need an AI-capable workforce in the future, and pointed out that people who possess knowledge related to AI and data science and the ability to apply that knowledge—"AI Solution Architects"—will be indispensable to many companies across a broad range of fields. However, there is a significant shortage of personnel with that skillset. In response to that growing need, Kwansei Gakuin University and IBM Japan launched the AI Solution Architect Training Program in 2019, which was the first practical AI and data science education program in Japan. Since its launch, the program has been inundated with applicants, and will undergo further updates in 2021.

Miwa went on to explain the content of the program, which has 10 practical subjects that incorporate various IBM business cases, tools and exercises, as well as project-based learning. The program also utilizes digital materials and TA chatbots to revolutionize the learning experience. Moving forward, by adding a virtual learning component, the program will offer services not only to on-campus learners, but to external organizations, as well. As the only provider which can offer in-depth AI education to universities, businesses and the public, the program is uniquely situated in the AI education industry in Japan. He concluded his talk by expressing his hopes that the program will foster many AI professionals who will play an active role in society.

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