125th Anniversary

        March 1, 2013

New Strategic Plans(2009-2018)


we shall be undertaking a variety of construction, scholarship and international exchange programs as well as events to celebrate our 125th Anniversary. We are confident that these will further our goals of nurturing world citizens who embody our motto of 'Mastery for Service' and creating a bright future.

World Citizens and Education based on Christian Principles


Kwansei Gakuin was established in 1889, in Harada-no-Mori, Kobe (in today’s Nada Ward) ,by the American missionary Walter R. Lambuth (from the Southern Methodist Church). Comprising a Theology Department and an Academic Department, the school aimed at providing an all-round education based on Christian principles. After leaving Japan, Lambuth -a true ‘global servant’- continued to devote his life to missionary work in Latin America, Africa, Europe, China and Korea. A memorial erected in his home commemorates him as a ‘World Citizen, and Christian apposite to many lands’.

“Mastery for Service”


Kwansei Gakuin’s school motto, “Mastery for Service,” was proposed by the Canadian missionary Dr. C.J.L Bates (1877-1963) who was our fourth Chancellor. Since being first introduced in 1912, it continues to be repeated to the present day as a truly descriptive expression of Kwansei Gakuin’s stance. A “Master” usually means someone who directs or commands others, but at our school, it means a person who, in terms of humanity, learning, and daily life, has an accomplished character, or as Dr. Bates said, is a “Self-Master.” From that base, “service” is understood, in our school’s Christian context, as “service to God,” the starting point for a life dedicated to serving neighbors, society, and others. A way of life that is devoted to creating a better world by utilizing one’s inalienable gifts is the ideal that we members of Kwansei Gakuin continue to seek.

Mission Statement

Kwansei Gakuin, as a learning community based on the principles of Christianity, inspires its members to seek their life missions, and cultivates them to be creative and capable world citizens who embody its motto, “Mastery for Service,” by transforming society with compassion and integrity.

School motto "Mastery for Service"

“Mastery for Service,” the school motto of Kwansei Gakuin reflects the ideal for all its members to master their abundant God- given gifts to serve their neighbors, society and the world.