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Public Relations Office        April 7, 2017


Osamu Murata
Akira Miyahara
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Musubi Tabuchi

Message from the President

Osamu Murata

Osamu Murata, President

Dr. C. J. L. Bates, the fourth chancellor of Kwansei Gakuin, established the school motto “Mastery for Service” based on the founding principles of the institution. After introducing this motto in his statement, he said, “We do not desire to be weaklings. We aim to be strong, to be masters,” urging his students to be strong for their self-culture, and to train themselves to be strong not only for their own sake, but also for all humanity.

So, what should you do for your self-culture during your college days?

One thing you should do is to become aware of what problems are. To determine the presence of problems in a certain event, you should have your own standards. In other words, you should have your own view of the world. Learning at university prepares you to form your own view of the world.

Another important thing you should do is master the basics that will enable you to keep learning even after graduation. Rapid changes are taking place in the world, and what you learn at university soon becomes obsolete. You should always try to continue acquiring new knowledge and information. To that end, it is extremely important for you to acquire scientific thinking skills—thinking skills to draw conclusions by making scientific investigations in your field of specialization.

To form your own view of the world and acquire scientific thinking skills, you need persistent learning and constant practice. Continuous learning and practice require considerable effort and patience. I hope that, through relentless learning and practice, you will train yourselves and grow into world citizens who embody our school motto,“Mastery for Service.”

Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Akira Miyahara

Akira Miyahara,Chair of the Board of Trustees

2014 will mark the 125th anniversary of Kwansei Gakuin's founding. The name Kwansei Gakuin indicates our strong desire to become a leader in the field of education in West Japan. Since our very beginnings, we have strived to provide an original education with a strong international component. This aim is again attested to by our name, which reflects our enterprising spirit by abopting the Han Chinese reading of Kwansei, instead of the standard Japanese reading of Kansai-the name of the region surrounding the cities of Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto.

In the 21st century, the so-called “soft power” created by information, knowledge, and wisdom has come to have great value for the progress of humankind. We are entering an age in which there will be ever-increasing demands for sophisticated intelligence if society is to continue to develop. The role that higher education and research organizations like Kwansei Gakuin play will become critically important.

We see it as our sublime mission and social obligation to train young people and send them out into the world, equipped with sufficient capabilities to carry the progress of the 21st century. We believe that we can achieve our mission and contribute to the realization of a spiritually rich society by vigorously promoting the education of world citizens who embody our school motto, “Mastery for Service”.

In order to meet these aims, we will strive to educate young people who commit themselves unceasingly to academic endeavors during their time with us, and go on to put the knowledge they have acquired to good use after graduation. We will achieve these goals based on the cornerstones of the philosophy and traditions that Kwansei Gakuin has cultivated over the years, all the while maintaining our determination to take on new challenges. 

Message from the Chancellor

Musubi Tabuchi

Musubi Tabuchi, Chancellor

Kwansei Gakuin is a fairly large learning and research community with 27,000 students from kindergarten through undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as an International School (K-12), spread over a total of seven campuses—two in Nishinomiya along with Sanda, Takarazuka, Senri, Osaka, and Tokyo. When the parents and guardians of those students and our more than 200,000 alumni are included, that community extends throughout the world.

At the time of its founding 127 years ago, Kwansei Gakuin had just 19 students. Nonetheless, the school conceived by Walter R. Lambuth, the missionary who served as Kwansei’s first chancellor, was a global one, just like today’s Kwansei Gakuin. For him, it was not the institution’s size, but rather the global perspective that shaped its studies that was important. He returned to the United States two years after founding the school and subsequently worked in locations including South America, Europe, Africa, and Siberia, earning the description on a monument in Mississippi that memorializes him as a “World Citizen and Christian Apostle to many lands.”

All schools of Kwansei strive to endow their students with an awareness of being part of the larger world. When he created the school motto of “Mastery for Service,” C.J.L. Bates, the school’s fourth chancellor, wrote of his wish to “render some useful service to humanity in order that the world may be better for our having lived in it” (C.J.L. Bates, Mastery for Service, 1915).

Everyone connected by Kwansei Gakuin is an important member of a community that is united in its dedication to making the world better. It is our hope that we will be able to achieve a better society that expresses the uniqueness and excellence of humankind. We are Kwansei!