School of Sociology

School of Sociology        April 17, 2013


Graduate School

Providing the Expertise to Work on the Frontierof Sociology

The Graduate School provides an advanced education in both theoretical and empirical research in sociology. Students have many and varied research opportunities, and have the possibility to obtain credits from an affiliated university. At the Masters level, we also offer the Social Research Specialist Course, which trains students to become advanced professional specialists who with the specialist social survey skills needed in industry and government. At the Doctoral level, the School trains young researchers, who make up an integral part as a center of sociological research. By combining advanced lectures and tutorials with hands-on experience, the School ensures its graduates are advanced social researchers.

Undergraduate School

Understanding the Complexities of Contemporary Society and Nurturing the Ability to Make a Positive Contribution

As a trailblazer in the field of sociology in Japan, the school has been leading cuttingedge research which enhances human well-being since its foundation in 1960. With the biblical quotation “The truth shall set you free” as its basic philosophy, the School of Sociology attacks problems from a broad perspective and an extensive range of knowledge, with the aim of producing graduates who can make a concrete contribution to society. Sociology is an area of study that encompasses a wide range of social phenomena and issues. The curriculum is therefore composed of 3 major areas and 7 fields of study: comprehensive courses to furnish students with a solid liberal education and an extensive body of knowledge, and specialized courses providing students with specific knowledge and practical skills.

Department of Sociology
[Major areas and Fields of study]
Media and Social Representation
   Media and Information
   Social Representation
Aspects of Society
   Global Society
Contemporary Society
   Social Network
   Social Problems and Social Psychology
   Social Problems
   Social Psychology