University Library

Public Relations Office        June 9, 2016

University Library


The Kwansei Gakuin University Library, as the fundamental institution for supporting the educational and research philosophy and aims of the University, has a philosophy and mission to promptly provide the faculty, students, and other library patrons with the appropriate academic information through collecting, organizing, and maintaining books, periodicals, and other materials, as well as disseminating knowledge produced in our library inside and outside the University in an effective way, via the library bulletin and Website. We aim to contribute to the progress of education and research at the University through the outcomes of the philosophy and mission, and also to the development of society as a whole through the University’s educational and research achievements.


This highly functional, easy-to-use library is designed for today’s needs. It has a collection of about 1.5 million volumes, 1,790 seats and 120 PCs. In addition to books, periodicals and visual materials, the library provides access to various web databases and electronic journals. It supports a wide range of educational and research activities on campus and provides a venue for intellectual interaction and creativity.

University Library, KOBE-SANDA CAMPUS

Houses a collection of about 200,000 books and over 1,900 different academic journals mainly related to the School of Policy Studies and School of Science and Technology. The Media Forum has about 100 PCs, and assists the education and research activities of the Kobe-Sanda Campus.

Seiwa Junior College Library, NISHINOMIYA-SEIWA CUMPUS

The more than 200,000 volume collection of this library supports self-directed research activities. In addition to specialist books in the educational field, it houses valuable works and a large number of journals in related areas. It has an AV room that allows users to view the library’s video, CD and DVD collection.