Diploma Policy

School of Economics        March 22, 2013

School of Economics Diploma Policy (Policy on degree conferment)


- Has the ability to empathize with people and cultures from various regions of the world.
- Has the motivation to cooperate with others and contribute to society on his/her own volition.


- Has acquired knowledge of fundamental economic concepts and a logical/historical mindset in the field of economics
- Has acquired fundamental knowledge of the economic situation, history, language and culture, and religion of Japan and other countries around the world.


- Is equipped with the ability to analyze economic data based on fundamental information processing skills.
- Is equipped with communication skills based on Japanese and the learning of one or more foreign languages.

Judgment/problem-solving abilities

- Is equipped with good judgment on today’s socioeconomic phenomena based on an economics mindset.
- Is equipped with the ability to identify and solve problems in today’s society/economy.