Education philosophy/objectives

School of Economics        March 22, 2013

Education philosophy

 This School has played a central role in the higher education offered by Kwansei Gakuin University, and has been the leading embodiment of the Kwansei Gakuin University educational philosophy for the past 70 years. People live day to day within the flow of the economy, i.e. goods and capital, and economics is the field of study that analyzes this flow from a logical, historical and political standpoint. The identity of the School of Economics is to provide, based on the Christian educational philosophy of this university, specialized knowledge on the economy and economics necessary for participation in various fields in society, and to foster human resources that have acquired the fundamentals of such knowledge. The emphases on all-round education based on Christian principles and acquisition of the specialized knowledge of economics are becoming increasingly meaningful these days, where the focus of Japan's economic management has shifted from catch-up growth to creation frontier, and familiarity with the international perspective is in demand.

Education objectives

 This School aims to foster individuals who can contribute to society and better themselves through such social contributions by learning the specialized knowledge of economics, the various cultural factors behind the current economy, and communication methods. Since most students are employed by private companies, the School cultivates individuals who can use the study of economics as a tool to accurately understand and analyze economic phenomena, read economy-related newspaper articles with ease, and practical skills backed by a working knowledge of economics.