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School of Theology        March 26, 2015

Course description 【undergraduate program】

at least 124 credits are required for graduation.

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(1) Deepening the understanding of Christianity in four fields

Studying in a theological department is commonly thought of as only studying the Bible. This is one purpose but it’s not the only one. Other areas that the Theology Department at Kwansei Gakuin University covers are: (1) historical research in the literary work and activity of various personalities, and (2) investigation into fundamental doctrines, as well as liturgical and spiritual traditions, of the Christian world with its musical, architectural and artistic creations.

At the School of Theology these studies are divided into four areas: Biblical studies, the history of Christianity, the culture(s) of Christianity, systematic theology, the history of Christian spirituality, and practical theology. Being independent topics of academic research, these fields are also mutually related. For example, studying the history of Christianity requires the study of Biblical interpretations, and analyzing the relation(s) between Christianity and society means that Christian self-understanding and conceptions of the world have to be taken into account.

(2) Academic studies

The Theology Department was the first to be established at Kwansei Gakuin University. It fosters academic studies based on rational approaches in analysis and interpretation, and facilitates language studies and communication abilities.

(3) Looking at modern society from a Christian viewpoint

Studying at the School of Theology is an opportunity to encounter Christianity as a living and breathing religion, and to also realize its role and potentials in modern society. To delve into the Christian world of thought and culture opens up possibilities of interdisciplinary studies that go beyond the afore-mentioned fields into areas like e.g. motion pictures, manga or rakugo.

(4) Small classes and camaraderie

As the smallest department at the Kwansei Gakuin University, the School of Theology provides possibilities of personal encounters with colleagues and teachers in an atmosphere that nurtures personal growth and collegiality. It is our wish and our hope that students make use of these advantages, respecting the individuality of others while enjoying a holistic education. The first year seminar focuses on a literature-search, reading, writing and presenting a paper. Various tuition skills are learnt in small groups.

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