SEKINE Yasumasa (Professor)

School of Sociology        March 21, 2013

Areas of Interest:

Cultural Anthropology, South Asian Studies, Transnationalism and Locality


 SEKINE Yasumasa, a Civil Engineering graduate from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, shifted his studies to Social Anthropology. He earned a PhD degree in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London. He initially taught Anthropology at Gakushuin Women’s College in Tokyo. He then joined the faculty of Tsukuba University and Japan Women's University. Currently, he serves as a Professor at Kwansei Gakuin University, Hyogo. His research is focused on India. In particular, he develops theoretical expositions for the placement of sub-altern situations within a larger, more general framework. He proposed a new theory of pollution, liminality, and discrimination based on his ethnographic work in Southern India. He has also studied popular Hinduism to find ways to abolish religious confrontation in India. He recently developed an Anthropology of Street based on research he conducted on transnationalism and street phenomena observed in South Asia and its migrants' societies in the UK and USA. He has participated in fieldwork in Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, the UK, the USA, France, Germany, Romania, etc.

Current research:

1) Street Anthropology (globalization and locality) in India and among British Asians in England, 2) Popular Hindusim and Religious Confrontation, 3) Pollution, Untouchability and ex-Untouchables in India.

Teaching courses:

Cultural Anthropology A / B

Publication :

'Transnationality, Hope and "Recombinant Locality": Knowledge as Capital and Resource', in South Asia Research
   32(1):1-20, 2012
From Community to Commonality: Multiple Belonging and Street Phenomena in the Era of Reflexive Modernization,
   The Centre for Glocal Studies, 2011
Pollution, Untouchability and Harijan: A South Indian Ethnography, Rawat Publications, 2011
Sutorīto no Jinruigaku [An Anthropology of the Street] Vol. 1& Vol. 2, National Museum of Ethnology, 2009
Shūkyōfunsō to Sabetsu no Jinruigaku [Anthropology of Religious Conflicts and Discrimination], Sekaishisōsha,

Professional Association Affiliations:

・The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
・The Japanese Association for South Asian Studies
・The Contemporary Folklore Society