Summer Intensive Japanese Langauge and Culture Study Program

Center for International Education and Cooperation        March 21, 2013

Program Overview

The Summer Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Study Program has been established with the aim of providing selected students from around the world the opportunity to study about and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture.

At the beginning of the program, participants will be broken up into Japanese classes based on their Japanese language ability (beginner to advanced) and given the opportunity to intensively study all aspects (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) of the Japanese language. Classes will be conducted two or three times a day, (90 minutes per class, 90 hours total) providing a strong base for improvment in student's language ability.

In addition to the Japanese langauge classes, students will have the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture in English through a series of lectures taught by expert instructors conducted throughout the five week program.

Students will also be provided with the opportunity to interact with local Japanese students through language exchange in the form of Japanese partners and various fieldtrips organized specifically for the program and also to interact with local Japanese students to practice and reinforce the materials that they learned in class.

Fieldtrips to famous sightseeing spots and local attractions will be conducted throughout the program, providing students with a well rounded study experience.

Application Process

After being selected and nominated by your home institution (USAC), students must complete and submit the following documents to USAC by application deadline.

1. 2012 Program Application Form
2. Personal Data Form
3. Reason for Study Form
4. Transcript of Records
5. Japanese Language Assessment Report (Filled out by the student's Japanese Instructor)
6. 3 Identical I.D. photos (3cm x 4cm)