Kwansei Gakuin University comprises 11 undergraduate schools (Theology, Humanities, Sociology, Law and Politics, Economics, Business Administration, Welfare Studies, International Studies, Education, Policy Studies, and Science and Technology), as well as 14 graduate schools.

Features of Education

Kwansei Gakuin University attaches importance to education that transforms specialized knowledge into “comprehensive knowledge,” in order to nurture world citizens who embody our school motto, “Mastery for Service.”


On its campuses, ranked among the most beautiful in Japan, KGU has libraries and research facilities used by many students.

Issue in Focus

Introduces characteristics of our unique research activities and projects.

Cutting-Edge Research

We will introduce cutting-edge research as provided by our teachers.

Let Me Have My Say!

Kwansei Gakuin University faculty members will voice their opinions on topical social issues.

Database of Researchers

Database of Researchers stores Researchers' date on various activities and is partly opened to wide public to provideaccurate information.

University Library

The university library has a collection of more than 1.9 million volumes on the three campuses. In addition to technical magazines and audiovisual materials, the library provides access to various Web databases and electronic journals.

Syllabus Search

Syllabuses of courses offered this academic year are posted here (in Japanese only).

Academic Web Service (Kyogaku Web Service)

We offer Internet-based services that allow users to register for courses; check class cancellations, make-up lectures, and classroom changes; view notices; send/receive emails; access the file server; and more (in Japanese only).

International Programs

Introduces various international programs at KGU.