Daryl Johnson

Public Relations Office        March 18, 2013

The Knowledge and Skills to Achieve My Goal


Daryl Johnson

I chose to study for an MBA because I believe the qualification will greatly enhance my employment prospect, and I wanted to improve my knowledge of business management and increase my work skills. In addition, joining the IMC gave me a great opportunity to be able to study at the graduate level in Japan, something I would not have expected I would ever be able to experience a different and very interesting side of life here. It has been an insightful and profitable experience.

I have learnt about company structure and strategy, and, for example, how corporate social responsibility and an understanding of the importance of human resources frequently lie at the heart of sustainable competitive advantage for a company. I have increased my knowledge and understanding of financial matters, for example being able to analyse financial documents. I have much more solid ground in current business issues and business analysis.

I intend to work in Japan or the South East Asia region in future. I believe that studying on the IMC will give me an edge when seeking employment with companies involved in Japan or regionally throughout Asia.            
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