Hiroko Yamamoto

Public Relations Office        March 18, 2013

IMC is the Place where you can enhance your Knowledge and Network

Hiroko Yamamoto

Hiroko Yamamoto

The reason I decided to join IMC after seven years of work experience is my strong desire to engage in more strategic functions and management activities in the future. Needless to say, the world is global and I thought just being able to communicate in English means nothing. To be a leader in the business field you need something else— an MBA!

Case studies and discussions cultivate your analytical and presentation skills. Some classes require group work which enables you to develop your communication and persuasion skills. One memorable experience at IMC was participation in GBP (Global Business Project). Working with MBA students in the U.S. in order to solve the issues that the client company had, I had a chance to put classroom theory into practice. Online-meeting between the U.S. and Japan, then discussion as a team and presentation to the client was all valuable on-site experience for both students and the client.

In addition, if you are good at Japanese language, you can take the Corporate Strategic Course where many professional business people working in Japanese organizations are studying, thus helping you develop a network.

Even though you do not have work experience, your future employer will seek out your potential. If you have work experience, what I have noticed through my job hunting activities is that it is hard to change your career. But please be confident with what you will have accomplished in two years at IMC. Especially, female MBA holders are still rare and I believe there will be strong demand in the future.

I hope you join IMC for your great future!

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