Five Functions

Osaka Umeda Campus        June 19, 2014

Kwansei Gakuin University, the Hub of Intellectual Networks
Osaka Umeda Campus (K.G. Hub Square)

Osaka Umeda Campus (K.G. Hub Square)

The Osaka Umeda Campus of Kwansei Gakuin University aims to contribute to society through various means including providing high-quality learning opportunities, creating a highly intellectual environment and widely disseminating information.
The Osaka Umeda Campus, established as the third campus of Kwansei Gakuin University following the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus and the Kobe-Sanda Campus, plays a role as Kwansei Gakuin University’s knowledge hub in the city center, a place where a large amount of intellectual information is exchanged.

I.Graduate school education

Provides graduate school professional courses and day/evening courses for working people.

Graduate school of Institute of Business and Accounting

Fosters experts in business management and accounting who will lead the international economy of the 21st century (established in April 2005).

Economist course

Enhances the students’ ability to solve various problems in the field of economics by providing opportunities for the students to exchange opinions and give presentations on these issues.

Graduate school of Language, Communication, and Culture

Fosters experts in language education with sophisticated skills by helping students to broaden their global perspective and cultivate their abilities.

School Education Domain

Explores various possibilities for developing an ideal school education system by promoting students’ interest in, and deep understanding of issues concerning school education.

II.Providing lectures

Courses and lectures

Provides extension lectures not only for students and graduates of the university but also the general public in order to support people who wish to continue learning throughout their lives.

K. G. Career Development Program

Provides various business lectures according to the students’ purposes for learning and abilities.

III.Joint activities

Based at the Osaka Umeda Branch Office of the Center for Career Planning and Placement (the University-Corporate Partnership Team), we aim to build an interactive relationship with society by cooperating with industry. The classrooms of the Osaka Umeda Campus, easily accessible by public transport, are available for academic meetings, seminars and various activities conducted by the alumni association and the parents association.

Center for Career Planning and Placement University-Corporate Partnership Team

Alumni Association activities

IV.Disseminating Information

Email newsletter

The Osaka Umeda Campus issues a monthly newsletter, “The Latest Information,” via email.

V.Job-search support

Center for Career Planning and Placement (Osaka Umeda Branch Office)

The Osaka Umeda Branch Office of the Center for Career Planning and Placement was established on the 10th floor of Chayamachi Applause Tower in October 2007 in order to help students find employment by providing career counseling, various employer information sessions and enhancing the computer network systems on campus.