Reservation request form

Osaka Umeda Campus        April 1, 2016

Reservation request form

Copy the text below, paste it in the body of an email message, fill out the form and send it to A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

Subject: Classroom reservation request

I would like to reserve a classroom of the Osaka Umeda Campus (K. G. Hub Square Osaka)
Details are as follows:

1.Name of the organization:
2.Name of the representative of the organization:
3.School, department, section or association you belong to:
4.Planned activity (give a detailed description of the activity):
5.Title to be displayed on the guideboard:
6.Email address:
7.Telephone number:
9.Classroom type, Start Time, End Time:
  Capacity: 24 people(Number of rooms :   )
  Capacity: 96 people(Number of rooms :   )
  Capacity: 42–45 people(Number of rooms :   )
  Any room is fine.(Number of rooms :   )

10.Number of participants:(Total:   people)
[Details of participants]
   Faculty members   People
   Students   People
   Graduates   People
   Parents   People
   Others   People

11.Media Services:
   Laptop(Number of items:   )
   Projector(Number of items:   )
   Screen(Number of items:   )
   Document camera(Number of items:   )
   Video player(Number of items:   )
   DVD Player(Number of items:   )