Making discoveries one after another on campus

Public Relations Office        August 28, 2014

NANDALITA REZTI (Indonesia), exchange student from Padjadjaran University


-What made you decide to study at KG?

Almost all TV anime programs in Indonesia come from Japan, and many anime characters speak a Kansai dialect. Since I wanted to learn a Kansai dialect, I decided to study at KG, which is close to Osaka and Kobe. KG’s beautiful campus and ample support for international students are also the reasons why I chose this university. The campus was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist boasting about it to my friends in Indonesia.

-Please tell us about your campus life at KG.

I study Japanese. I’m busy every day, preparing for classes and doing my assignments, but I always chat with my instructors and classmates and enjoy my campus life.

-What do you think of your classes?

I’m surprised to have so many opportunities to give presentations. We have very few classes that require presentations in Indonesia, so I’m always nervous when I have to give a presentation. I’ve made many discoveries about how classes are organized and facilitated.

-What is your favorite place at KG?

The University Library. I visit the library at least three days a week, because I can concentrate on my studies there. I was surprised to find a robot gate to the library and a PC-based library circulation system. University libraries in Indonesia depend on manual procedures to lend materials to users and check in returned materials.

-Is there something interesting about KG students?

I’m interested in their club activities. I particularly like seeing cheerleaders practicing. They’re pretty. Very few universities in Indonesia have club activities, so I’m excited just to see such activities. I hope I’ll be able to chat with cheerleaders some day.

-Please boast about your home country.

Some of the best aspects of my country are its tropical nature and spicy dishes with chili, such as nasi goreng. And Kota Tua is a place worth visiting. It’s an old commercial town. This town has many historic buildings that were used as stores, city government buildings and other facilities during the Dutch colonial days from the 17th century to the early 20th century. Although only a small number of tourists visit the town, it’s a great spot. I hear there are some haunted spots in the town.

-Finally, please tell us what your favorite Japanese word is.

It’s fuwa-fuwa (fluffy). I’ve become fond of this word, because a song of my favorite singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu contains this word. Indonesian has very few onomatopoeic and mimetic words, so such words feel new to me. Learning a language is enjoyable, because I can make many discoveries one after another in the process.