Surprising to see a wide variety of goods at the KG Co-op

Public Relations Office        August 28, 2014

TOLVANEN TARU (Finland), second-year student, School of Business Administration


-What do you like about KG?

I like the campus, which has a rich natural environment. It has lush greenery, bamboos and even a pond. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom on the campus and they are very beautiful. I attended the University of Helsinki in my home country, but the university facilities are dotted around the town and there isn’t a natural environment on the campus. KG is an attractive university with a rich natural environment on campus.

-You often visit the Shingetsu Pond, don’t you?

Yes. I visit the pond to see cute ducks. I feel healed especially when I see a mother duck with baby ducks. When I saw them for the first time, I was excited. It’s surprising that there are wild animals on campus. I also like the eucalyptus trees on campus designated as protective trees by Nishinomiya City Government. I sometimes wonder how long these large stately trees have been here or how many meters tall they are.

-Please tell us what your favorite cool K.G. is.

My favorite is the KG Co-op. At first I was surprised to see that the co-op sells a variety of goods, such as food and drinks, stationary and cosmetics. You can even buy home electronics and sign up with an Internet service provider through the co-op. Universities in Finland have only ordinary cafeterias and no such things as stores on their campuses. You can buy over 100 times more variety of goods at KG than at any university in Finland.

-What is the coolest thing among all the goods you can buy at the co-op?

Bread hot and fresh from the oven. There are bread items that are sold only for a limited period. For example, during a period of the All Kan-Kwan Games, a bread item adorned with the letters “K.G.” was available. I also like large pizza bread, which is available in many varieties. I was also surprised to see a wide variety of KG goods. Such goods even include a music box and goods featuring popular mascot characters. University goods in Finland are pens and memo pads at best, and it seems to me that students in Finland have less passion and pride for their universities than Japanese students. I can recognize KG students’ passion for their university and the university’s strong brand just by seeing a wide variety of university goods. I want to use a travel desk in the co-op some day.

-What kind of behavior of KG students interests you?

I’m interested in the continuing students’ practice of encouraging freshmen to join their clubs and circles. I enjoy the festive atmosphere on campus on the day of the entrance ceremony. The campus is bustling with a lot of students. We don’t have such a practice in Finland, so it feels new to me.

-What do you want to try in the future?

A lot of KG students engage in volunteer activities, so I also want to try. I want to help reconstruct northeastern Japan and also want to do volunteer work in Southeast Asia. I hope that volunteer activities will help me learn more about the areas I will work for and discover something new.

-Please boast about Finland.

Finland is the country of Moomin and Santa Claus, and is full of rich nature. I want everyone to see the aurora borealis. It’s very beautiful. It takes less than 10 hours from Kansai International Airport to Finland by direct flight. It’s very convenient.

-Please write your favorite Japanese word.

My favorite Japanese word is shabu-shabu. We don’t have the sounds “sha” and “bu” in Finnish. I love the sounds because they sound soft to me. Of course I love the dish shabu-shabu very much and enjoy eating meat while saying “shabu-shabu.”