International Events

Center for International Education and Cooperation        July 31, 2017

(1) Coffee Hour


Professors, lecturers, researchers, alumni and students from abroad are invited to talk over tea. This event is held 3 times each in the spring and fall terms.

(2) International Student Week


International Student Week is an annual-held event, where international students can express their thoughts and opinions through exhibitions and presentations. It also enables Japanese students to look afresh at their own culture, through the eyes of non-Japanese students.

(3) GS (Global Student) Network

GS Network is the official students group endorsed by CIEC (Center for International Education and Cooperation) and provides various supports to exchange students during orientation. They also plan and hold cultural exchange activities for both exchange students and KGU students over the course of the year.

(4) Language Exchange


Language Exchange is an intercultural activity in which International and Exchange students teach their first language to other students. It can be not only the opportunity for language learning but also for making new friends from other countries.