Public Relations Office        March 26, 2013

Kwansei Gakuin University provides international students with the following housing information. Interested students should consult with the CIEC, the KSC or NSC Building 1 offices. Availability may be limited at certain times and housing may not be available when you wish to move in.

(1) KGU International Residence 1 (Information:CIEC)

This is a residence for Kwansei Gakuin University international students. Rooms are roughly 6-mat in size. Kitchen, toilets and bath/showers are shared.

Location: 3-chome, Gotenyama, Takarazuka 665-0841
(15 min. walk from Hankyu & JR Takarazuka Station)
Number of Rooms: 30 rooms
Rent: 15,000 yen/month
Utilities: Approximately 5,000 yen/month
Internet: Individual contract

(2) Boarding Houses (Information: Student Affairs Department)

Inexpensive lodging for students is available near the university. Kitchens, toilets and bath/showers are usually shared.

Rent: Approximately 24,000 yen/month for a 6-mat room

(3) Apartment/Condominium (Information: KGU Coop)

Some apartments are equipped with kitchen, bath and toilet, and others have shared facilities. Condominiums have everything included, but rent is more expensive than for apartments.

Rent: From approximately 35,000 yen/month

(4) Private Organization Facilities (Information: CIEC)

Currently, the following private organization offers housing for international students. When the university receives a request for candidates, information will be posted on the bulletin boards and the Kyogaku WEB.

Comprehensive renters’ insurance for foreign students studying in Japan (Information: CIEC)

The International Student Comprehensive Housing Compensation Program is a combination of comprehensive housing insurance that pays compensation in the event of damage to the owner due to accidental fire, water leakage, and other causes, and guarantor compensation payable to guarantors who assume payments when an international student fails to pay rent. This program is operated by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES). The university may occasionally become a guarantor only with enrollment in this program.

Premium: 4,000 yen annually, 8,000 yen biannually


On the condition that you purchase the comprehensive renters’ insurance, the university will be your guarantor only during the period you are a student at the university. These conditions must be included in your rental contract. Please keep in mind that landlords may not always give their consent to these conditions.