Pregnancy and Childbirth

Public Relations Office        March 26, 2013

If you are pregnant and submit a pregnancy notification to the public office of the municipality where you live, you will be given a Mother and Child Health Handbook or Boshi-techo, which enables you to receive various services for expectant mothers and their babies provided by the local government. This maternity handbook is to record details of the pregnancy and childbirth, health and growth conditions of your new-born baby, vaccination history, etc. Mothers who are enrolled in the National Health Insurance scheme will be given a lump-sum childbirth allowance.

After your baby is born, it is necessary to go through following procedures.

Registration of birth Have your doctor issue a birth certificate, which should then be submitted to your municipal office within 14 days of the birth. Based on your application, a birth registration receipt will be issued.
Application for residence eligibility certificate Within 30 days of the birth, an application form for a residence eligibility certificate should be submitted to the Immigration Bureau, along with the birth registration receipt and passports of the baby’s parents.
Passport application Apply for a passport for the baby at your country’s embassy or consulate in Japan.

Foreign children may also be covered by National Health Insurance, and foreign parents may be eligible for a children’s allowance or a subsidy for infant medical expenses. For the period and methods for applying for these services, please contact the jurisdictional public office.