Public Relations Office        March 26, 2013

Pay Phones

Due to the popularization of mobile phones, the presence and use of payphones in Japan has decreased. Various types of payphones exist of which the functions differ; however, there are two main types of payphones:
Green: Accept coins and telephone cards and can only be used for calls within Japan.
Grey: Accept Coins and telephone cards and can be used for international calls.
International telephone cards can be purchased from most convenience stores as well as at the campus cooperative.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are widely used in Japan and can be used for various functions such as text messaging, internet, music etc. Both pre-paid phones and contracts are available in Japan. Pre-paid phones are generally more expensive in the long run; however, you do not have to worry about costs involved in cancelling a contract at the end of your exchange.
The major mobile phone service providers are Softbank, AU KDDI, and NTT Docomo.

Internet Access

All students, faculty, and staff are permitted to use the school computers which have internet access. Computers are available in the University Library, the Media Research Building and various other locations throughout campus.
Students who have wireless capability on their personal computers are able to apply to use wireless internet available on the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus. This can be applied for through the following page:
For times when school is closed, internet cafes can be a cheap and convenient way to access the internet. Internet cafes are located throughout Japan and charge based on the amount of time a person stays there.