Career Education, Finding Employment

Public Relations Office        April 7, 2017

Support for International Students

international students

The Center for Career Planning and Placement conducts a job placement support program specifically targeting international students that runs throughout the year. The center distributes booklets, conducts aptitude tests, and holds seminars. It places emphasis on providing career support services that listen to the hopes and concerns of all international students who want to work in Japan.

Life Design Program

Career planning support throughout university years


Kwansei Gakuin University supports students' career planning throughout their university years through its 'Life Design Program',a cooperative program between the regular curriculum and non-regularextensional activity, which the university considers part of its general education program.
The Life Design Program encourages students to think about how to live their own life,contribute to society, and what kind of job to choose in order to accomplish these aims.

Students learn about "what kinds of jobs there are in society, and what kind of skills are required for them," while having the opportunity to experience various jobs hands-on in the non-regular program,where they are able to see what occupation best enables them to realize their potential. They are then encouraged to develop their skills through the extension program.

Job Placement Success

High placement rate and satisfaction

Job placement for KGU graduates is greatly successful each year. In 2011,95.3% of male students, and 96.7 % of female students were offered employment. These rates are well above the national average.
KGU graduates,with their excellent academic achievements and rich personal qualities,play important roles and have expanded a wast human network in the business sector.
KGU graduates find work in various categories of industry-such as manufacturing,finace,mass media, information and communication,teaching, and others. Over half of them go to work for large companies which employ more than 1000 persons. This fact shows that employers evaluate highly KGU graduates.
Another proof of KG job placement competence is the satisfaction of KG graduates themselves; in the latest research, 94.7% of male students and 94.0% of female students are satisfied with theier work place.