Daily Life Support


Explains Japan’s housing conditions, types of housing, house-moving and contract procedures. Japanese housing terminology is also explained to help you determine the best housing for you.

Medical Services and Insurances

Explains Japan’s National Health Insurance system, under which you can minimize your financial burden when sick, the procedure in case you do get sick, and the necessary procedures when giving birth and raising children in Japan.

Daily Life

Provides information on procedures and precautions required for daily life in Japan, regarding money, lifeline services such as electricity, gas, water supply, and telephone, and public transportation.

Emergency Response

Explains how you should respond in case of emergency, such as a crime or accident, fire, and sudden sickness.

Various Consultation Services

Introduces facilities and organizations that offer consultation services for people from foreign countries to provide support in resolving various problems they may have when living in Japan. These consultation services are available in English and other foreign languages.