Study Abroad at KG

Exchange Students

KGU accepts many exchange students from partner institutions around the world. These exchange students can study at KGU for a certain period of time without taking a leave of absence from their universities, and are provided with services equivalent to those for Japanese KGU students.

Short Programs

Kwansei Gakuin University provides a wide range of short-term programs for students from our partner institutions, including courses on East Asian Studies taught in English. All of the programs feature intercultural activities with KGU students, and offer memorable and valuable opportunities to experience the 'real' Japan.

Degree-Seeking International Students

Entrance examination information for international students is available here.

Entry and Residence Procedures

Explains the procedures international students need to complete to enter Japan, including how to renew and change their status of residence.

List of Partner Institutions

Kwansei Gakuin University is affiliated with over 140 partner institutions worldwide.

School of International Studies

Provides information for international students on the entrance examination to the School of International Studies. International students can earn their degrees by taking only English-taught courses at this School.

Money Matters

KGU offers a variety of its own substantial scholarship programs to help support students financially.

Admission Policies for Each Undergraduate Department

The mission of Kwansei Gakuin is to train globally-minded individuals who are kind to others, possess the spirit to work towards social change, are equipped with extensive knowledge and a strong sense of ethics to establish their own identities, have their own lofty goals, and demonstrate the capacity for action. Each School admits applicants according to their respective policies, which are based on the university’s mission of “Mastery for Service.”